August 3-5, 2018

Wood Carving

We proudly present to you this year's carvers! The Chainsaw Carving competition is going into its 6th year! Our competition is growing in popularity amongst the nations top carvers and becoming a crowd favorite. Get to know the carvers a bit more this year before you come check them out live and in action! The competition winners are determined by the audience. Bidding should be fierce! Come cheer on your favorites!


Abby Peterson

Hi! My name is Abby Peterson. I live in Webster, Kentucky. I got started into carving at a low point in my life, I prayed to God; I need something, I don't know what it is, I'll meet you half way, I'll work for whatever it is you want me to do. Next day I carved my first bear with a dull saw!  Hooked ever since then! Can't get enough of it!  Obsession, profession, I don't care what you call it. If I didn't get paid for it. I'd do it for free!  My favorite subject to carve? Hmm.... that's a hard one. Whatever I'm currently working on is usually my favorite! I do enjoy competing, but not against other carvers. I like to compete within myself.  Always trying to make the current carving better than the last. The highlight of my carving career has been just being able to hang out with my carving buddies. They are there to pick you up when your down, and give you a high five when your doing well!  Anyways got to get to my saw!  Peace, Love, and Sawdust Y'all!

Brian Christman

I've been carving for just over 10 years. I'm from Vevay, Indiana. I went full time last July. My wife and I travel to Florida during the winter and I carve there as well.
I got into chainsaw carving by researching for some woodworking projects I was working on. I kept seeing chainsaw carvings while Google searching. Traded a bass amp at a pawn shop for a cheap chainsaw. I pulled some drift wood logs from the Ohio River I live near and made a dozen bears. Sold almost all of them within a couple weeks. I was hooked after that.
My favorite subjects to carve are Native American Indians and I also enjoy turkeys.
I have placed 2nd in one event and several quick carve 2nd and 3rd places. Still looking for that first Win.



Hello! Bronson Fischer here sending cheers from Webster, Wisconsin. I have been carving since 2001 when Perry Carlson took me under his wing as an apprentice. Buzzsaw Bob was working with him at the time and got me started carving bear heads. I had to carve out 10 bear heads a day. After awhile I gradually improved and moved onto other things like eagles and coons. But my happy cartoon character style of bears, also known as “Bronson Bears”, continue to be a very popular favorite.
Fast forward to 2012. Buzzsaw Bob helped the wonderful folks in Scandinavia, WI get this carving competition included into the Corn Roast Festival and invited me to participate. This was my first ever competition. So I didn’t know what to expect. As my main piece, I carved a wolf howling on a crescent “Man in the moon” face. My Main piece didn’t place but my “Bonson Bears” won me first place in all three quick carves that year. I have been back to this event several different years now and the talent and variety of the carvers keeps growing and the competition keeps getting stiffer.
This is the 2018 event, I hope to have some fun with all the other carvers here and maybe even place in the competition.
Best wishes to y’all!
~Bronson from Wisconsin ;-)


Dan Hartley

I am Dan Hartley from Nashville Tennessee.
I am just getting into my 6th year of carving and looking forward to many more! My carving style is somewhere between stylistic and realistic. As I learn and grow I strive to improve with every sculpture!


Jenny Tanner

    Jenny Tanner from Marshfield, MO.  I've been carving for about six years now. An artist all my life, painting and drawing etc. About six years ago I decided to carve a fence post on the corner of our drive way.  After a few days with hand tools and little progress my husband said "you need more power".  He showed me how to start a chainsaw and I began playing around on the firewood pile. It snowballed and I was all in after a few months. There is no funner way to make money. The community of carvers is the best. Being a part of it is an honor.
     I guess my style is artistic, cute, creepy, and fun.  I most enjoy halloween type carvings like zombies and spooky pumpkins.  My favorite thing is to surprise with my art, a reaction is my goal. Another carver once said to me...."Ask Jenny to think outside the box, and she will say...WHAT BOX?"  That sums it up pretty well.


Justin Driver

Where you are from? Farmington, KY
How many years you have been carving? 3 years as a hobby, full-time carver for 2 months
What got you into chainsaw carving?   I guess it just came naturally. I had just bought my first chainsaw to clear some trees out behind my house, it was kind of boring so naturally my artistic side kicked in and within a couple of hours, I ended up carving a wolf (a very abstract wolf) but I was proud. (My wife not so much!!!)
What is your favorite subject matter? I like carving everything, from Indians to monkeys with machine guns!!!
What do you consider to be your signature style?  I would say semi-realistic style, but I am always trying to push myself in different directions to improve my carving and creativity.
What awards you have won?
1st Place - 2018 Carving in the Ozark
2017 Carvers Choice: Chainsaws and Chuckwagons
2017 Carvers Choice: Broadbent Chainsaw Carving Competition


Kyle Thomas

My name is Kyle Thomas and I am a local carver out of Sussex, WI. I do most of my work in the greater Milwaukee area.
I have been doing chainsaw carving for about 4 years now. I love it! My brother and I started carving with hand tools after we saw a TV show called "Saw Dogs." I have always been a artist but had never tried doing sculpture before. I couldn't be more happy that I did.
My favorite subjects to carve are fantasy pieces; i.e. dragons, tiki's, fairies, etc. Having an artsy background, I try to incorporate different painting techniques into a lot of my carvings.  I think this a great way to enhance and bring out the detail and texture of a piece.
I was awarded "People's choice" At the 2017 Corn Roast carving competition. This is my favorite event to participate in and I am very excited to start making some saw dust and hopefully earn a winning spot.


Michael Koeppel

Age: 25
Home town: Wittenberg, WI
Profession: Pursuing an Industrial Design Degree at UW-Stout

My name is Michael Koeppel and I am from Wittenberg, WI. I completed my first chainsaw carving in May of 2017 which is a squirrel holding an acorn. My father Al is a forester, so growing up I became quite familiar with running a chainsaw. I was on winter break and logging a few loads of wood from our home property. There was a crotched section of an ash tree that was too short for pulp or lumber. For whatever reason I saw a squirrel in it. I thought it would be funny if when my dad stopped by after work to help me scale the logs there was a big squirrel roughed in on the landing. At the time I didn’t get much of a rise out of him, so I forgot about it. The next time I came home from school the roughed in squirrel was up by our house and my parents said I should finish it. It was about a year and a half later before I touched it. I didn’t know much about carving, but I had just finished my first year at UW-Stout studying Industrial Design where I had taken some fundamental art courses. With my new art skills and experience with a saw I had at it and in the end, I was pleased with the results. I looked up chainsaw carving events in WI to see if there were any I could possibly enter. I thought it might be a fun thing to say I tried, and the worse that could happen is public humiliation. That’s when I discovered the Scandinavian Chainsaw Competition. I got in contact with Jerry and snagged the last spot. Between the adrenaline rush of the quick carves and the encouragement/camaraderie of the other carvers I was hooked.
Being new to the world of carving I am continuously learning new ways to complete a carving. From blocking in to adding texture and finish, it is constant trial and error. I really like adding comedy to my pieces or referencing different art movements that I’ve learned about in my art history courses such as Art Nouveau which has a lot of flowing organic curves or Baroque sculpture which typically depicts the moment right before something exciting happens such as an eagle catching a fish.
I am excited to see how I do in this year’s competition. I want to thank all the carvers for the advice and support they gave me last year as well as the people who make this event possible.


Molly Wiste

Molly started carving the summer of 2008 at an event in Minnesota that wanted girls to try out quick carving. This is what got her started with this art form. She since has traveled all over the U.S. for carving events from Pennsylvania to Washington state. She has also traveled internationally when she was accepted into the Australian Chainsaw Carving Championships in 2017. Molly placed in her first competition last summer, taking 3rd place in Scandinavia Wisconsin. Molly also teaches high school art in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. She enjoys carving pieces based on Minnesota wildlife and pieces that speak about life and death.


Rich Pethtel

My name is Rich Pethtel and I am from Chassell in Michigan's UP. Chainsaw carving is my full time job. This unusual occupation has taken me to some amazing places and introduced me to some of the most amazing people! Of all of the pieces and projects that come and go through the year it's the contests that I enjoy the most. The highs and lows that come with designing a piece, putting your idea to the test and crossing your fingers at the end is always an unforgettable adventure.
I always enjoy talking to the spectators as they follow the progress of the weekend as well as seeing my fellow artist friends and their awesome creations.
There's no other job quite like it and I can't imagine doing anything else!


Tom Harmon

   Born and raised in good ol'e Greenwood, Indiana!  I started carving 3 years ago and haven't looked back. The first year was really just dabbling and being a sponge. My second year was my first year of events and participated in 5 national events.  Year two was rough, to be honest. But learned a LOT, mainly what not to do! I am currently in the beginning of my third season and LOVING IT!
   This year I have close to a dozen National events all across our great nation! Places from Arkansas, to Pennsylvania, to New York, to Texas, and even my favorite event of all of them, SCANDINAVIA! AND I LOVE WISCONISIN!
    I have been an artist my whole life. I was a professional tattoo artist for 10 years.  Prior to that I framed houses for 10 years. When I decide to change my occupation around from tattooing after having 2 boys (my world), I wanted to stay in the art realm so I went to culinary school and became a chef. I didn't really like that lifestyle so I eventually decided carving and sculpting is what I really wanted to do. I am now back in college full time working toward a Masters in Fine Art with a concentration in sculpture. I'm hoping one day when my body slows down on the carving end, I can be a professor and teach sculpture in college.
     I love carving birds, horses, fish & Yeti's!  I also love carving Nordic and Scandinavian art and viking lore! I have a lot of Scandinavian heritage on both sides of the family! I would say my uniqueness as a carver would be my abstract, out-of-the-box twist on my works.  I live by the saw now and will never look away from it! So blessed to have this opportunity and look to keep striving to better my craft as I move forward.

"let the chains fly", Tom Harmon